Leeds Young Authors at the West Yorkshire Playhouse

L. Smith Imaging blogged about Voices of a New Generation 2016.

L. Smith Imaging

Recently,  I was approached by Leeds Young Authors, asking if I could take some photographs of their upcoming event at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. Having never done any sort of event photography before, I immediately accepted and then, almost simultaneously in fact, regretted it. Panic ensued.

In my mind, I had everything that I needed for an event- a camera that was good in low light (my Nikon D3300), a decent zoom lens (the Sigma 18-300mm), and a flash gun (a Nissin DI600). I reassured myself with “at least you’re not doing a wedding for your first event”, because doing weddings was always enough to induce some feeling of dread in my gut.

So, once I’d talked myself out of chickening out, I was actually quite looking forwards to it, was happily taking photos of the rehearsal using my flash and bouncing light off of the ceiling- everything was…

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