At tonight’s LYA workshop we kept developing the poems begun last week on the topic of ‘invisibility’. After sharing the draft poems, we spoke about how to use lines and stanzas to improve poem structure, and about metaphor and other literary devices to strengthen our writing. Drafting and re-drafting are a fundamental part of the artistic process of transforming an idea into a piece that’s ready for publication or performance.

After sharing our second drafts and exchanging feedback on the product and the process, we ended with a free-write on the theme of ‘visibility’. We wrote about confidence, being in the spotlight, being on the spot, popularity, … To be continued next week…



Another great LYA drop-in workshop at the West Yorkshire Playhouse last night! We started out by discussing upcoming LYA performances (check them out on the Performances & Events section of this website), the upcoming Voices of a New Generation festival that LYA is hosting, and then did a free-write on the theme of ‘invisible’.

The poets worked their artistic magic into poems that explored invisibility from diverse angles – from feeling invisible in social groups, to the impossibility of going offline from social media. The poems reminded us that invisibility is simultaneously a limitation and a place to escape to.

The session finished by sharing our draft poems and our feedback. As always, the feedback built on the strengths of our writing and performance to help reach new levels.

Finally, the whole group discussed the progress being made by the team that is aspiring to represent LYA, Leeds, Yorkshire and the UK at the Brave New Voices poetry slam in Washington DC in July. Go team!

Join us next Tuesday evening at the West Yorkshire Playhouse at 6pm for another stimulating workshop.


LYA and the Spoken Word Exchange


LYA poets and friends took part in a master writing workshop run by special guest writers/ artist Calvin Made-Son Early and Arsimmer McCoy-Early from the USA Spoken Word Exchange, in collaboration with The Sunday Practise. The workshop was held at our new temporary home, The West Yorkshire Playhouse.

As our special guests explained:

“The SPOKEN WORD EXCHANGE is an interactive creative writing project designed to inspire participants to use poetry as a tool for self discovery, empowerment, and motivation. The project gives groups of artists in various parts of the world the opportunity to experience and learn about each other’s culture, beliefs, and way of life through the art of spoken word. Our primary goal is to build a greater, more culturally aware, global community through art of poetry.

Last year the exchange was piloted between artists here in the States and in Abu Dhabi, UAE with the help of Dorian Paul D. In April of this year Arsimmer McCoy-Early and I (Calvin Made-son Early) will be taking the project to Leeds, England.”